Working Groups

The working groups of the ESD FORUM e.V. serve to work on technical and scientific problems within the objectives of the association. Corresponding problems are typically a result of industrial practice.

The work in the working groups of the ESD FORUM e.V. is based on the compliance guideline (German version only) of the association, which is binding for members and contributors of the association.

Working groups are founded upon request by the steering council, which defines the objective, budget, time schedule and nominates the leader of the new working group. The members of these working groups include members of the association and also invited external experts as needed. The members of the steering council can provide advisory support to the working groups.

The leaders of the working groups organize regular meetings in coordination with the members of their working groups. The meetings can be held both online or in-person. The leaders report to the steering council and at the general meetings of the association on the status and progress of their working groups and submit the final results of their working groups to the steering council for further consideration.

The association is the owner of the results obtained by its working groups and can publish the results, e.g. in terms of guidelines on the website of the association.

Please use our contact form, if you would like to make suggestions, give comments or are interested in participating in a working group.