Conferences and Meetings

Events of the ESD FORUM e.V.

The ESD FORUM e.V. hosts periodically the following events:


Every other year, the ESD-Forum is the central event of the ESD FORUM e.V. Typically, more than 100 ESD experts form Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the United States, attend the ESD-Forum. The main language of the ESD-Forum is German, but English language may be used for printed materials, presentations and discussions.

Subject of the conference are the impact of electrostatic effects and electrical overstress (EOS) on microelectronics. The conference provides a forum for participants from industry, academia, and research to discuss possible improvements and solutions for ESD and EOS related problems. Furthermore, the ESD-Forum gives information on new trends and developments in the field of electrostatics.

During the ESD-Forum, leading ESD experts give presentations on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals on ESD, EOS, latch-up
  • Measurement, characterization, and qualification
  • ESD and EOS control
  • Protection on component and system level
  • Damage, failure mechanisms, and reliability
  • ESD and latch-up requirments, standards, training and education

All presented papers are published in the “ESD-Forum” conference proceedings. In parallel, tutorials and an exhibition of commercial ESD products are planned.

Information for Authors

Please use the templates given below for your paper and presentation at the ESD-Forum.

docx Word Template for a Paper
pptx Powerpoint Template for a Presentation

Tips on presentations are given in the following pdf document.

docx Tips on Presentations
European ESD Factory Symposium (European EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium)

Since 2014, the ESD FORUM e.V. hosts the "European ESD Factory Symposium" (international conference in English language) together with European ESD partner organizations and the American ESD Association (ESDA).

Technical papers and invited talks address ESD/EOS issues in manufacturing. Participants from many European countries, the US and Asia guarantee an active discussion and exchange of experiences. Tutorials and an exhibition of commercial suppliers and distributors of ESD control materials and measurement equipment are also part of the conference.

The next European ESD Factory Symposium will be organized by the Estonian Electronics Industries Association together with the Finnish ESD Organization STAHA and the Germa ESD FORUM e.V. The conference will take place September 12-14, 2023 in Talinn (Estonia). The program of the European Factory Symposiums will be published within the next few weeks.